Vagrant Overview, Tips and Resources

As developers, oftentimes we want or need our working environment to be an exact match of the production environment. Using MAMP or your Mac’s built in server simply won’t cut it because there would be too much variation in software versions and/or too much configuration differences between projects. This is especially true when your project is running a complex or specific infrastructure.

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Five Command Line Tools to Help You Work Faster

I remember when I viewed the command line as some esoteric art only used by the Wizards of the Back-End. Now, I can’t get enough of it. If you’re only using the terminal to navigate directories or change permissions, here’s a list of some awesome utilities that can help you work faster and kick butt in the command line interface.

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Integrating Recurly and Drupal

If you’re working on a site that needs subscriptions, take a look at Recurly. Recurly’s biggest strength is its simple handling of subscriptions, billing, invoices, and all that goes along with it. But how do you get that integrated into your Drupal site? Let’s walk through it.

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