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1% - Github for Management

A very common issue for owners and teams, is shared todo lists. This topic in particular has been a struggle for the partners of CHROMATIC for some time. We’ve tried different options, with little success.

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A (Very) Belated Introduction to the Webform Hints Module

Webform Hints is a module I started a few years ago with hopes of saving myself some time writing JavaScript for Webforms. Over and over I was writing JS to add the popular placeholder or default text effect. You know the one. Text inputs display a “hint” or “placeholder” as the default value. When focused, the hint disappears, indicating to the user that the field is ready to receive input.

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How to Organize Drupal Features, Reduce Merge Conflicts, and Stay Sane

Features play a significant role in any major Drupal 6 or 7 project. The organization of features is often overlooked, but becomes important as a project grows. Agreeing on an effective organization strategy avoids headaches and reduces merge conflicts. After experiencing just about every strategy on projects of all sizes, we’d love to share what works best for us.

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